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I am a stay-at-home mother turned children's book author. Born in Puerto Rico, but raised in Philadelphia, PA, I write books inspired by my bicultural and bilingual experience. I am motivated by a desire to provide multicultural children with more stories about families that look and live like they do. My debut picture book, "La Noche Before Three Kings Day," illustrated by Alejandro Mesa and published by HarperCollins, captures the magic and wonder of Three Kings Day through a child's eager eyes. 


I am a member of Las Musas and the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. Previously, I was a public relations specialist and freelance writer before staying home after the birth of my third child and then becoming an author. I hold a B.A. degree in journalism from Temple University, and live in North Carolina with my husband, three daughters, and a spoiled Havanese dog named Vader.


Photo by C.A. Bagley

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